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Bridge2Community maximizes impact for both organizations and community members. Bridge2Community is the only online platform that allows managers and organizers of social engagement initiatives to manage every aspect of an initiative in one place. From identifying and activating key community members to developing and tracking goals and collaborating on key initiatives, B2C’s unique features ensure organiziational sustainability and efficiency. 

For community members, B2C makes engaging with an organization or intiative easy. B2C users can access schedule information, connect with organization staff and access key resources all in one platform. Most importantly, thanks to the project managment and file sharing capabilities, users can meangingfully contribute to advancing the larger goals or mission of an organization by  assisting with projects, providing feedback and sharing resources with initiative members across the country. B2C allows users to move beyond simply attending an event to using their time investment to help the organization advance key goals and accomplish necessary tasks. 

Yes, Bridge2Community is fully customizable. Contact us at to discuss your request. 

Bridge2Community offers a variety of features and services to help you engage your community and reach your goals. For more information, visit

Bridge2Community offers several subscription levels to meet the needs of your community. Our ‘Starter’ package supports 1,000 users. For more information, visit our Services page: